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About Shanghai Forum

Author:  |  Publication Date:2016-04-28

Shanghai Forum, launched in 2005, is known as one of the most famous international forums held in Shanghai. Co-hosted by Fudan University and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, undertaken by Fudan Development Institute (FDDI), the Forum is a non-governmental and non-profit academic organization, which holds an annual symposium each May in Shanghai.

Shanghai Forum takes its mission to “Concentrate on Asia, Focus on Hot Issues, Congregate Elites, Promote Interactions, Enhance Cooperation and Seek Consensus” seriously. It endeavors to build an interactive platform for multi-sided communication amongst academic, political, commercial, and press circles through which significant problems both in Asia and the world will be discussed comprehensively and profoundly, so as to seek consensus on Asia’s economic, political, social and cultural progress. Shanghai Forum opens application to the world. Many well-known think tanks, universities, enterprises, media and other organizations apply to host roundtables/sub-forums every year.

Over the years, numerous political dignitaries, distinguished scholars, and business leaders have been invited to share their thoughts and wisdom at Shanghai Forum, including Chen Zhili (former Vice Chairman of the NPC of China), Tang Jiaxuan (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of China) , Han Seung-soo (former Prime Minister of Republic of Korea), Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (Former President of Indonesia), Enrico Letta (Former Prime Minister of Italy), Shaukat Aziz (former Prime Minister of Pakistan), Ben. S. Bernanke (Former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve System), Robert Alexander Mundell (known as the "father" of the Euro, 1999 Nobel Laureate in Economics), Robert Shiller (2013 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics), Paul Volcker (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve), Zhu Min (Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund), Robert Zoellick (former President of the World Bank Group), Vladimir Yakunin (President of JSC Russian Railways), Chey Jae-won (Vice Chairman and CEO of SK Holdings), and Wu Jinglian (leading economist of China). Shanghai Forum also receives strong support from the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Government; Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Mr. Han Zheng, has attended the Forum and has delivered several speeches.

Shanghai Forum invites leaders of the world’s top companies and institutions to form an international advisory group. The advisory members include Robert Zoellick (former President of the World Bank Group), Robert Shiller (2013 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics), Paul Volcker (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve), Park In-kook (Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea) and Zhu Min (Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund). Up until now, the Forum has forged close strategic co-operation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Sina.com, Stanford University, University of California, London School of Economics and Political Science, Goethe University Frankfurt, University of Copenhagen, The University of Tokyo, University of Sydney, Seoul National University, the Nordic Council of Ministers, Peterson Institute for International Economics, Polish Institute of International AffairsPISM, SK Group of Korea, Qualcomm Incorporated, etc.

Shanghai Forum 2017 will be held from May 27 to May 29, 2017 in Shanghai. The theme is “Asia and the World: New Impetus, New Structure and New Order”.