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Jaeho Yeom

President and Professor of Korea University

Professor Jaeho Yeom earned his Ph.D. in political science at Stanford University for his research on Japanese industrial policy for high technology. He has taught public administration at Korea University since 1990. As a visiting researcher at the Institute of Business Research of Hitotsubashi University, in Japan, he conducted research on the policy-making process for semiconductors and the computer industry implemented by the Ministry of International Trade & Industry in Japan. Professor Yeom has also performed research as foreign visiting professor at Tsukuba University in Japan, visiting
professor at Griffith University in Australia and Peking University in China, adjunct professor at Renmin University of China, and Chevening Fellow at CENTRIM at the University of Brighton in the UK.

He served as an expert member of the Korean Presidential Commission of Science and Technology Policy and a Board member of the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation. He also served as President of The Korean Association for Policy Studies in 2007 and President of The Korean Association for Contemporary Japanese Studies in 2008. Currently, he is Chairperson of the Policy Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. He was Executive Vice President of Korea University before being elected as President in March 2015.

Recent researches of Professor Yeom include Effectiveness of Private R&D Funds (2008, ITEP), A Study on the Role and Improving Management of Public Research Institutes (2009, KISTEP), Research on Development Strategy of Machinery R&D (2009, KIMM), Change Management (2009, BCSAA), Research on the Characteristics and Effective Management of R&D Mega Projects (2010, KISTEP), &Future Strategy for Test, Research, and Evaluation of Food and Drug (2011, NIFDS) among others.