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Shanghai Forum 2016 Successfully Concluded

Author:  |  Publication Date:2016-06-13

On May 30, the three-day “Shanghai Forum 2016” Annual Conference concluded at Fudan University. On the closing ceremony, keynote speeches were delivered by the following guests: Paulo Nogueira Batista JúniorVice President of New Development Bank, Frans BerkhoutRecipient of 2007 Nobel Peace Prize and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Science and Publicy, King's College London, Wu XinboExecutive Dean of Institute of International Studies, Fudan University. Present at the closing ceremony were Park In-kookPresident of Korea Foundation for Advanced Studiesand Liu ChenggongVice President of Fudan University. More than 400 delegates from government, business, academia and think tanks, media from home and abroad attended the closing ceremony.

From nearly 40 countries in the world, more than 700 elites and delegates from think tanks, universities, governments, corporates, media and other institutions all over the world gathered at Fudan University while contributing insights and intelligence for making interconnections between Asia and the World. Under the new circumstances, it has become the consensus of the Asian countries to build an Asian Community. And the only win-win choice is to build a regional community to deepen the economic cooperation, facilitate the mutual security, and enhance the cultural exchanges. The significant approach to build the Asian Community is interconnectivity and integration. We should promote policy communication, roads connection, trade flow, currency circulation, and mutual understanding, in an effort to lay a solid framework foundation for the Community, so that the vast and diverse Asia can be really bonded. In addition, the key to build the Asian community is innovation. New development models will bring faster and better growth; new ways of cooperation will expand the areas of cooperation and release stronger forces for cooperation; and new concepts of cooperation will contribute to overcoming all sorts of obstacles in the cooperation, for Asian countries to further together, to further implement of Asian Fate Community.

Until 2016, Shanghai Forum has been held for eleven years. The next Forum Annual conference will continue to open the applications for hosting round-tables and sub-forums. As the organizer, Fudan Development Institute has established a global network covering dozens of think-tank, and has owned close ties with the several ministries, local governments, research institutions, think-tanks, corporates and media. Shanghai Forum has been enhancing its influence from inside and outside so that the next forum will be more splendid.