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Application for the Chairs of Roundtables/Sessions of Shanghai Forum 2017 Officially Opens Up

Author:  |  Publication Date:2016-09-28

I  About the Forum and Theme

Shanghai Forum,launched in 2005, is known as one of the most famous international forums held in Shanghai. Co-hosted by Fudan University and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, undertaken by Fudan Development Institute (FDDI). The forum takes its mission to “Concentrate on Asia, Focus on Hot Issues, Congregate Elites, Promote Interactions, Enhance Cooperation and Seek Consensus” seriously. It endeavors to build an interactive platform for multi-sided communication amongst academic, political, commercial, and press circles through which significant problems both in Asia and the world will be discussed comprehensively and profoundly, so as to provide policy consulting service to the government, corporations, institutes and think tanks.   

Shanghai Forum 2017, the 12th annual conference of Shanghai Forum, will be held in Shanghai from May 27th to May 29th, 2017. The theme is “Asia and the World: New Impetus, New Structure and New Order”. The forum consists of four panels including Integration & Innovation, Green Development, Cooperation & Sharing, Coordination & Governance. We are seeking to solve problems through governance, implement transition based on innovation, achieve a win-win situation by cooperation, so as to realize the common development of Asia. We encourage organizations with different academic background to undertake the sessions/roundtables so as to carry out interdisciplinary discussions.  

II  The Management of the Forum

The 3-day Shanghai Forum 2017 will be composed of keynote speeches, roundtables and sessions. Each roundtable/session lasts 3.5 hours (either in the morning or afternoon).   

Each roundtable/session has one or two chairs and one liaison person. The chair is in charge of all the organizational work, such as inviting guests, designing the agenda, collecting papers, organizing academic discussions and writing reports. The responsibility of the liaison person include assisting the chair with the preparatory work; coordinating among the chair, the organizing committee and guests; fulfilling tasks assigned by the organizing committee.   
Each roundtable/session is required to submit two research papers or policy reports (around 5000 words for each). The paper to be submitted before the forum is to establish a clear idea about the session and show the chair's understanding and research depth of the topic; the paper to be submitted after the forum is to synthesize the opinions of all the guests in the session.  

Shanghai Forum has financial rules and will cover costs including conference material, venue rental, interpretation, transportation, accommodation, etc.  

III  The Application Requirements

Now the application for roundtables and sessions officially opens up to universities, think tanks, governments and enterprises all over the world. The specific requirements are as follows:  

1. The Topics: 

The topics of each roundtable/session should focus on the general theme while discussing from a specific perspective. The topics should be realistic, valuable, strategic and be able to draw extensive attention of the public and media. The topics of roundtables are required to be more policy-oriented and the topics of sessions should be more academic and proactive.

After the application is approved, the organizing committee may suggest on the topic according to the overall layout of the forum.  

2. Qualification:

The applicant should be qualified with rich academic/social/media resources and influential in specific areas.   

3. The Guests: The chair should invite guests with world-class research backgrounds or social influence. To guarantee the depth of discussion and promote international communication, each roundtable/session can invite 12 speakers, including 4 from overseas, 4 from China and 4 from Shanghai.  If the chair is from outside of Fudan University, we suggest that scholars from Fudan are invited to participate in the roundtable/session. 

After the application is approved, the organizing committee may suggest on the guest list to assure the diversity of guests and the quality of discussion.  

4. Co-chairs: We welcome applicants with a cross-disciplinary or cross-institutional background and encourage cooperation with well-known institutions in the world, especially distinguished think tanks. 
5. The applicant who brings in resources is preferred, such as inviting keynote speakers at the opening or closing ceremony, introducing cooperative opportunities, media resources, projects and funds, etc.  

If you are interested in organizing roundtables/sessions of Shanghai Forum 2017, please download and fill in the form of "Application for Roundtables/Sessions of Shanghai Forum 2017"(download button) and send it back to the email address: shanghaiforum@fudan.edu.cn before 20th October, 2016. The result will be announced after a responsible process of selection. 

Thank you for your attention and participation! 

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  September, 2016