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Second Preparatory Meeting of Shanghai Forum 2017 was held

Author:  |  Publication Date:2017-04-26

On April 14, the second Preparatory Meeting of Shanghai Forum was held at Fudan Development Institute. Before the meeting, Jiao Yang, Chancellor of Fudan University, welcomed Park In-kook, President of Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, and showed significant gratitude for the long-term support of Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies to Shanghai Forum and Fudan University. During the meeting, President Xu Ningsheng, Vice President of Fudan University Liu Chenggong and President Park In-kook made the speeches. The Organizing Committee of Shanghai Forum, the Secretariat, and roundtable/sub-forum chairs and representatives as well as the responsible comrade of the relevant departments of the school attended the meeting. 



Co-hosted by Fudan University and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, undertaken by Fudan Development Institute (FDDI). Shanghai Forum endeavors to build an interactive platform for multi-sided communication amongst academic, political, commercial, and press circles through which significant problems both in Asia and the world will be discussed comprehensively and profoundly.


Shanghai Forum 2017 is to be held on May 27-29 and the theme of Shanghai Forum 2017 is “Asia and the World: New Impetus, New Structure and New Order”. The forum is to design “Global Governance”, “China and the World”, “Digital Governance” and “Environment Governance” 4 panels, 10 roundtables and 14 sub-forums. The topic will focus on international and domestic hot issues, such as OBOR development, China-CEE Cooperation, Trade slowdown and reverse globalization, the reform of International monetary system, social financing, environmental protection, network safety, health governance innovation and insurTech, etc. The problems and challenges confronted by China and other Asian developing countries will be discussed in multi perspectives.

Shanghai Forum 2017 will make new attempts based on previous experiences. The number of the forum speakers and the countries hit a record over the past years. It is the first time for the speakers from Bangladesh, Brunei, Columbia, Costa Rica, Estonia, Kenya, Lithuania, Peru and Saudi Arabia to participate in the forum. The brightest spot of Shanghai Forum 2017 is the Latin American Countries’ active participation. Twelve university representatives from six Latin American Countries will take part in the forum.

Shanghai Forum 2017 attracted Hungarian National Bank, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, ISPI, and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Network of ASEAN-China Academic Institutes and SK Group of Korea to be the co-organizers, which makes the Shanghai Forum 2017 more international and diversified.