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Arkebe Oqubay Metiku

Minister and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Dr Arkebe Oqubay (PhD) is a Minister and Special Advisor to the Prime
Minister of Ethiopia. He is the former mayor of Addis Ababa, and pioneered
the transformation of the city under his leadership. In recognition of this,
he was awarded ‘The Best African Mayor of 2006’ by ABN, and was a finalist
for the award of World Mayor of 2006. Dr Arkebe serves as chairman and
vice chair of boards of directors of many leading public organisations, such
as the Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC), Ethiopian Airlines (EAL), and
Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC). He also serves as member
of Ethiopian Investment Board (EIB) and National Export Coordinating
Committee (NECC), which are both chaired by the Prime Minister. Dr Arkebe
has been a member of the core leadership of TPLF and EPRDF, the movement
that spearheaded the seventeen-year popular liberation struggle. He holds
a PhD in development studies from SOAS, University of London, and is
research associate at the Centre of African Studies in the University of London.
His path-breaking and widely read book ‘Made in Africa: Industrial Policy
in Ethiopia’ (Oxford University Press 2015) focuses on Africa’s economic
transformation, industrialization and policymaking.