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Pinpin Zhu

CEO, creator and founder of Xiaoi

Pinpin Zhu invented dozens of patented products including “Chatting Robot System”, “SMS robot system”, and “Customers service device enabled by HCI technology”. He had taken the lead of the invention of intelligent interactive engine, and provided intelligent customer service robot system on SMS, WEB, WAP, APP, weibo, WeChat for Chinese telecommunication operators, Lenovo, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Huawei, SF express and other enterprises and government branches. China’s first intelligent robot on WeChat was also invented by Dr. Zhu, and it has become a standard of the industry.

Pinpin Zhu was hired as a member of “User Interface and HCI standard”, or “SC35” of The National Information Technology Standardization Committee, and he had participated in the drafting of the first international standard of affective computing. He was selected by Ministry of Science and Technology and the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC as “the most beautiful technology personnel”, and held the honor of “Top 10 IT Prominent Youth of Shanghai”, “Model of Software Industry of Shanghai”, “Medal of Youth May Fourth of Shanghai”, “Leading Talents of Science and Technology of Jiading District”, "Pioneer of Shanghai Smart City Program". He is a technology pioneer of the developing IT domain of Shanghai.

As an expert of China AI, Pinpin Zhu was invited to attend the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Annual Conference of American Association for Artificial Intelligence, to discuss the development of AI with other top experts from the globe.